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We aim at creating a solution the new found craze in mobile phones. From very young ages children are given mobile phones, initially for some purpose but eventually it just becomes a major source of distraction. Mobile phones are also a cause for low academic performance and inferior over-all development. Through this product of our we are aiding parents in controlling their children in a peacefull manner.

Why Product name Is given GingerBox

A box with full of Ginger
Ginger is yet not good in taste but have many silent features which effects our life in healthy way, similarly our product aims of giving an overall development and security of your child, though its somewhat not appreciated on the first look.

Other Areas

B2B(Buisness To Buisness)
Comprehensive ERP

Is GingerBox Easy to Use?

The answer is Yes, you can complete the whole GingerBox installation proces in just three simple steps, & then apply settings to child's phone on a click.


Simply installing GingerBox once has let me keep an eye on all the calls, SMS messages. A good way to keep your loved ones in check..

Buy GingerBox

All your information is strictly kept confidential and no indication of GingerBox Appears on your bill.

Download Application

Just download the application on the phone you want to monitor. its so easy it wont take more than 2 minutes.

View Data Online

Log in to your online GingerBox user area to view all the information from the monitored phone. Yes, it is that simple!

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